Banksy — The Great ‘Anonymous’ Pride of Creatives

Why Creativity matters and who is a Creative?

Creatives for long have been taken for granted in this ruthless world — their true worth isn’t well construed because many of them are denied their rights and the respect which they truly deserve. Creativity matters because it’s the food for soul but people value not the creativity or art but the brand, not the originality but deception, not the truth but falsehood, not the creator but the creation. In this world where the creation is valued over the creator, it’s imperative to flash the message that creatives are as relevant as their creation and creativity! A creative who has the power to create has the power to destroy his or her own creation! Banksy justified his act of destroying his valuable piece of art by stating that creativity is inherent even in one’s ability to destroy one’s own creative work. His anonymity is worth praising for it sends a clear message to the world that creatives don’t work for feeding their identity or accentuating their fame but creatives works for their passion which is marked by unrelenting determination, self-respect which isn’t compromised and ethics which don’t prostrate themselves during testing times. COVID pandemic made it clear that all our doctors, nurses or volunteers who have been serving COVID patients with their utmost sincerity and selflessness must also be regarded as creatives because they dared to step out of their comfort zones for ensuring a social order which further revived our hope in humanity and positive well-being. So, anyone who thinks out-of-the-box, dares to take a stand for what is right, and meets life as a challenge is a Creative.

Pic courtesy: Max van den Oetelaar via Unsplash: Stavanger, Norway

Life Lessons which I learnt from Banksy

Banksy taught me that when we realize our true worth its hard to stay at a place where we are denied the respect we truly deserve. I learnt from Banksy that the moment we discover our exceptional uniqueness we won’t settle for anything less than what we aspire for. He taught me that fulfillment of life is not found in being subservient to the fancies of the impostors. Fulfillment of life is found in being original, in being who we are and in doing what we love doing. Most importantly, fulfillment of life is not found in chasing hollow titles, degrees, honor, fame or money. Fulfillment of life is found in following our true passion and our creativity.



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